Sunday, May 3, 2009

Falcon Update #12

I think he skipped working on it on Friday night, picked up a few pages Saturday morning to get to page 113. He's building the second forward arm now. But yesterday, instead of building legos, we went to Legoland.

When you buy way too much stuff at the Lego Store, they give you 2 free annual child passes to Legoland. So, the Falcon just saved us $106 in park admission. If we go the park one more time within a year, that will be up to 212! So, we sort of recoup part of the money.

The Big Store at the park had a completed Falcon. It's really cool. A few more weeks, and we'll be there! But, walking through that store, there is very little in there that he doesn't already have. His sister walked out with a little Bionicle, but there wasn't anything there for him to buy.

He's working on it now, and I have the next 15 steps-worth of pieces laid out for him and reading to be assembled. That will get him to page 122. The goal is page 153 for the day--making it the half-way point. We still seem mostly on-track to get this project done in a month.

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