Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Falcon Update #15

He made great progress today. He was able to get through 25 pages of the book to make it to page 171. That's about 56% of the way done! Yay!!! He's averaging about 10 pages a day, which will once again put him on track to finish in a month.

Today, the top and bottom gun turrets went on. Actually, only the bottom one is officially on, but the top one is in place and will stay there until it has to be moved out of the way to put on other pieces. I think they had him make it well in advance of it actually being needed. It saves pages in the manual if they pair the two nearly-matching turrets together.

He also made a really good catch of a very old mistake. He was looking at the picture of the whole top of the Falcon, and he caught two missing pieces. He wasn't even really comparing the real Falcon with the picture, but he realized something was missing. We went back and couldn't find where they gave him the instruction to put the pieces on. Just in one picture they are aren't there, and in the next one they are. I figure it's my job to find the mistakes like that, but I missed that one for over a week. I'm really proud of him for figuring it out.

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