Friday, April 30, 2010

A very good day

Today was a very, very big day!

First of all it was the science fair at school, and our fourth grader did a great job!!! She did it on the twin Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. They've been working on this project since January, and she really knows her stuff!!

Even our second grader loved the science fair, and he was very proud of his sister.

They had an assembly in the morning with the kids and the parents. The fourth grade had to sing a cheesy version of John Lennon's "Imaging"...Imagine no pollution. It's easy if you smog around us... I was proud of the kids, when it was time to stand up and sing it, they all groaned.

Then, I got the call around lunch that the girl's glasses were ready. It's a one-day glasses store, and she only picked them out yesterday after school. She barely, barely needs glasses. Her perscription is -0.75/-0.5, but she's been getting headaches at school, so glasses it is. Here she is (in her t-shirt from the fair):

It's hard to tell, but the glasses are very thin blue wires.

Then, the big surprise came in the boy's homework. He had a two-page spelling test today. Here it is:

Yes, that says 94% on one side and 100%!!!!!!!!! on the other. And this was from a boy who was scoring in the 30's just a few months ago.

Now, we had a bargain with the kid. There is a shirt he absolutely loathes. If he scored 90% or better on a spelling test he could cut it up. He went one better. He cut it up, then had me burn it:

Now the kids are chilling watching a Harry Potter movie.

Both kids say this was their best day ever!

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