Thursday, July 15, 2010

The boy's latest obsession

The boy has his healthiest obsession since his Lego Summer.

I while back, he became interested in Harry Potter and asked me a million questions about it; however, I thought he wasn't ready for a 308 page book.

Then, he found out about a knick-knack Harry Potter ring, and his mom said she'd get it for him if he read the book.

He began it Monday night and read 29 pages. Then on Tuesday, he read another 49 pages. Yesterday, he read 84 pages. He can't read it entirely independently and needs someone to sit with him. He has trouble with the names, with getting off by one line, with Hagrid's lines, and with some of the little words. He gets most of the big words just fine.

He's now on page 162, and wants to spend today reading too. At this rate, he should be done by next week.

Update: He finished it! He read 74 pages on Thursday, and 72 pages on Friday. For a total of 308 pages in 4 days plus a few hours on Monday. We looked up the word count and it comes in at 77,966. That's more words than he's probably read in 6 months or more.

I started following along with my finger and he started reading much better and faster, with fewer silly mistakes in the little words (he reads almost all of the big words easily). I've been telling him for years to follow along with his finger, and he totally refuses to do it.

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