Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter Trivia

Trivia Question--How many actors have played Harry Potter in the official WB movies? Not talking Potter Puppet Pals or anything else, just in the major motion pictures.

Update: The answer, I believe is 7. There are 5 people who are listed in the credits as being Harry Potter:

In the first scene of the first movie, we see baby Harry Potter. This role was played by triplets. In the credits they are listed as "Saunder's Triplets", so that is three actors already before before the big shiny "P" of the first title swoops in.

Daniel Radcliffe is obviously the main Harry, so we are up to four.

In the eighth movie, we see another baby Harry, this time played by Toby Papworth. So that makes five.

The question is: Who are the other two actors who have played Harry Potter?

Update and Answer:

Remember in both the second and the seventh movies, Harry took Polyjuice potion. When he did, he remained Harry but took on the aspect of the characters Gregory Goyle (played by Josh Herdman) in Chamber of Secrets, and Albert Runcorn (played by David O'Hara) in Deathly Hallows Pt 1. Therefore both actors can claim to have played Harry, bringing the total up to 7.

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