Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spelling it out

The 9-year-old boy hates to write. He was supposed to keep a journal over the summer. Stupid stuff like "My friend had his birthday party today. He took his friends to see "Planet of the Apes". I hated it. After pizza and cake, everyone came back to our house for a pool party. That was fun."

Getting him to write anything is like chopping his arm off. He will literally cry for an hour over his paper. I already knew that one the the hardest parts for him is his expectation of perfect cursive penmanship. He wants his letters to be perfect, and gets very frustrated if they are not.

What I didn't realize until yesterday was how much of his writing problem was due to his lack of confidence in spelling.

Yesterday, he found an IPhone app which seems to have helped him. It is a dictionary app with a voice activated look-up. He can say the word into the phone and get the spelling. He even seems to know enough about the homophones that he caught it when it spelled "weight" instead of "wait".

Hopefully, that will get writing and get the journal done.

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