Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aleks says...

A few days ago, the boy (9) was working on Aleks. He had 3 of 5 pie pieces done, and another one was nearly done. Then, he got a bee in his bonnet and spent over an hour two days straight on the program. It's a really nice problem to have when you think your kid is working too hard and should back off! I didn't want him to burn out.

Still, yesterday, with the promise of getting his very-own real-world pumpkin pie if he finished his virtual math pie, he got through the rest of Level 3. This means in less than a month, he has done 45% of the California state standards for 3rd grade. How well he knows it, I'm not sure. Each topic only needs about 5-6 problems done correctly to pass it. It might be too much of a once-over-lightly approach, but, since math is cumulative, I'm hoping it will stay in his head.

Here are his pies:

Tomorrow, I'll switch his account to Level 4, and he'll take the Level 4 assessment for the first time, and get a brand new pie to work on.

Today, he was very proud of himself, and was shouting: "I won the pie!"

To which I answered; "I two the pie."

"I three the pie," he answered.

"I four the pie."

"I five the pie."

"I six the pie."

"I seven the pie."

"I eight the pie," I said, triumphantly.

"YOU ATE MY PIE!!!" he said as he attacked me.

We laughed and had a good day.

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