Sunday, October 14, 2007


I grew up in Milwaukee, where water was always fluoridated. I always thought Californians were strange for not using this common-sense method of preventing tooth decay.

Without a fluoridated water system, we've been trying to get the kids to take fluoride-spiked vitamins (the boy won't take them) and buying fluoridate water for mixed drinks.

Then, last week, our nanny says she got a notice from Santa Monica that they were going to begin fluoridating their water. The notice also said that Los Angeles had already begun to do so.

It took some checking around online, but I was able to confirm that most of LA County is already fluoridated, and that the rest would be done by the end of next year.

Here's the info from the LA DWP:
Governor Wilson signed into law on October 9, 1995 State legislation (AB733) that mandates fluoridation of all water systems having more than 10,000 service connections.

[…] The City of Los Angeles began optimal fluoridation of the water supply in August 1999. By June 2006, 90% of the distributed water will be fluoridated, and 100% coverage is expected by 2008.

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