Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Great fun today....

(...I'm as drunk as I ever usually get (which means 2.5 drinks over the course of 4 hours...almost 3 whole drinks!))

Anyway...Costumes...Grandma was here a week or so ago, and helped make the skirt for the 7 year old's devil costume. I made the flames on a red t-shirt (with yellow felt). Add on red tights, a tail, horns, and a pitchfork, and you have a pretty good costume. Thanks Grandma!!

5 year old boy picked a skeleton costume at Pottery Barn Kids many weeks ago, and I made him stick with it. He usually changes his mind about costume daily. He sort of changed this year too...for our Halloween party a week and a half ago--big success: bouncer, magician, real wooden magic wands (made by me--my hand still hurts from making them), Auntie teaching everyone Harry Potter spells (including: "caligai ad ambulandum factae sunt" which, according to our Latin phrase book translates literally as "these boots are made for walking"--drives unwanted people away), and 20 kids running through the house for 4 hours without breaking anything!...he wore his Pottery Barn costume with spray-on green hair (think Incredible Hulk hair). For the LA Natural History Museum members' Halloween party, he used his costume from 2 years ago. Now, there is a big difference between a 3 year old boy and a big 5 year old boy, but, luckily, we bought the race car driver costume very big all those years ago, and I had roughly hemmed the pants of the jump suit. Which meant, all I had to do was rip the hem, and it was back to the size-6 costume that still fits him just fine. Yay! We sprayed on half red/half silver hair and he was ready to go.

Then came the school Halloween parade, where he wanted to be a skeleton with blue hair. I woke him up early this morning to make sure we had time to do the spray-on hair. Last time he wore the dye-hairspray we used a different brand in red, and it took about half an hour in the shower to wash most of it out. Another brand washed out much better, and he was, indeed, a blue-haired skeleton.

By the time actual trick-or-treat arrived, he was costumed and haired out. All he wanted to do was wear a white T-shirt with black pants and carry a small, squishy, red, brain toy around in a ziplock bag. In the end, that was his idea of a costume.

Anyway, fun was had by all. We went with another family (who has an eight-year old boy who will forever be the answer to this question for our 7 year old girl: "who was the first boy you ever kissed on the lips?") to a nearby neighborhood which had lots of very spooky houses, some too spooky for the kids (one with a flayed and segmented body strung up on the front lawn.)

After which, we went to El Coyote, the really bad Mexican restaurant/landmark around the corner from our house (thus the second and a half drinks).

It was a big, long, fun day.

(And...after school Boy and I did some really good homework. He read very well, did some good math, and didn't fight about doing it. )


Till I'm sober....

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SteveBrooklineMA said...

That was all one day? Yipe! Send pics!