Monday, May 11, 2009

Falcon Update #17

Pretty good progress on Sunday, passing the psychological barrier of "100 pages left!!!" He made it to page 207, with all of the bottom now complete, and the cladding on the upper side of the forward arms done.

He was grumpy all day yesterday, refusing to eat anything does that to him, but he still made progress. I haven't posted any pictures lately, mainly because all the work has been on the underside, and one day's picture looks just like the next. Now that he's back working on the top, that will change.

The best thing is that a number of piece piles have been disappearing, as he uses up the last of some types of pieces. Several of the plastic bags have been emptied as well as some of the cups, and there aren't nearly the number of piles on the table anymore.

We had to cordon off the dining room on Saturday for his sister's birthday party. The sign read: "Only Wookies and generals in the rebel army allowed beyond this point." To which he replied: "It's rookies, not Wookies." I corrected him, but since he has never watched the original movies, he really doesn't even know what he's building.

He thought the Falcon was a really large ship, larger than the Death Star. I told him it was actually a small ship, but that it was the fastest.

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