Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Falcon Update #18

(oops, posted this over on Saltzafrazz by accident!)

He did pretty well yesterday. He made it to page 217, and that included 3 pages he had to repeat to make the one for the other side of the ship.

Today, with a little time left (but he hasn't done his reading for homework yet), he's through page 228. He's built part of the cockpit which hangs off the starboard side of the ship. Very cool. I've laid out the pieces in cups to get him through page 241.

79 pages to go!!!!

Update: He did more! He's on page 234, with only 73 pages to go! I just did the math, and he's 76% of the way there!!! WOW! It's the home stretch! Or at least, we're entering the final turn.

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