Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sight words II

I went looking around some more for sight words, and I found a second list. This one with similar origins, only named after someone named Fry. These are supposed to be the 300 most-used words in American English.

So, I took the Dolch list and the Fry list, and combined them. There was a great deal of overlap between the two, so the result is 356 words.

These words:

a, about, above, add, after, again, air, all, almost, along, also, always, am, America, an, and, animal, another, answer, any, are, around, as, ask, at, ate, away, back, be, because, been, before, began, begin, being, below, best, better, between, big, black, blue, book, both, boy, bring, brown, but, buy, by, call, came, can, car, carry, change, children, city, clean, close, cold, come, could, country, cut, day, did, different, do, does, done, don't, down, draw, drink, each, earth, eat, eight, end, enough, even, every, example, eye, face, fall, family, far, fast, father, feet, few, find, first, five, fly, follow, food, for, form, found, four, from, full, funny, gave, get, girl, give, go, goes, going, good, got, great, green, group, grow, had, hand, hard, has, have, he, head, hear, help, her, here, hers, high, him, his, hold, home, hot, house, how, hurt, I, idea, if, important, in, Indian, into, is, it, it’s, its, jump, just, keep, kind, know, land, large, last, later, laugh, learn, leave, left, let, letter, life, light, like, line, list, little, live, long, look, made, make, man, many, may, me, mean, men, might, mile, miss, more, most, mother, mountain, move, much, must, my, myself, name, near, need, never, new, next, night, no, not, now, number, of, off, often, oil, old, on, once, one, only, open, or, other, our, out, over, own, page, paper, part, people, pick, picture, place, plant, play, please, point, pretty, pull, put, ran, read, really, red, ride, right, river, round, run, said, same, saw, say, school, sea, second, see, seem, sentence, set, seven, shall, she, should, show, side, sing, sit, six, sleep, small, so, some, something, sometimes, song, soon, sound, spell, start, state, still, stop, story, study, such, take, talk, tell, ten, than, thank, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, thing, think, this, those, thought, three, through, time, to, today, together, too, took, tree, try, turn, two, under, until, up, upon, us, use, very, walk, want, warm, was, wash, watch, water, way, we, well, went, were, what, when, where, which, white, white, who, why, will, wish, with, without, word, work, world, would, write, year, yellow, yes, you, young, your

There you have it. If you look at the words we actually use regularly, that list makes up about half of them.

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Steven said...


I've seen these before and have wondered how accurate they are. Indian? Mountain? Earth? Sentence?
Are these more common than shoe, pen, dinner, door, window, bed or wake?

-Steve (aka your brother)